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Equity Cannabis Oakland

What makes ECO different?

ECO Cannabis is a welcoming, diverse, vertically-integrated cannabis company that oversees product development from “seed to sale!” We strive to streamline the purchasing process by offering our customers multiple avenues through which they can complete their transactions. Our knowledgeable Experience Guides become familiar faces who can help you find what you’re looking for every time you visit.

Who are we?

ECO Cannabis hires 100% Oakland residents, 50% of whom are formerly incarcerated. We are committed to lifting up those in our community who have been disproportionately affected by the “war on drugs.” We strive for the normalization of cannabis as an industry by working to educate and promote visibility as well as reputability in the community.

Why ECO?

In addition to our hiring standards and outstanding culture, ECO Cannabis also supports local businesses in our community. 50% of the products available at our store are purchased from social equity companies* in Oakland. Whether you are a Bay Area native, a seasoned cannabis connoisseur, or just “canna-curious,” ECO Cannabis is the best option for all of your cannabis needs.

*”Created in 2017, the [social equity] program requires half of all cannabis permits to go to applicants who were prosecuted for marijuana-related crimes or were harmed by the broad impacts of the drug war. It also provides low-interest loans and other limited assistance to participants.” -Sarah Ravani, San Francisco Chronicle. 25 May 2019

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