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5 Lit Gifts for 5 Unique Types of Canna-Dudes
By Elise McRoberts
For ECO Cannabis

Now that medical and recreational marijuana (mmj) clinics have evolved to retail stores, the local dispensary is a new cool place to score a unique gift. From Walnut Creek and Orinda to Lafayette.

1. For the Purist:

1/8th of Ember Valley Flower, HiFi Hops

He’s been rollin’ his own for longer than you’ve been alive and knows mids from the fire, so impress this dude with the best, bomb flower from your local cannabis club. Make a stop at the smoke or head shop for hemp wick, rolling papers and fresh lighter, so you’re ready to roll up together. Just for new age kicks, throw in a couple HiFi Hops’ 1:1. The hoppy sparkling water has just 5mg of THC, balanced with 5mg CBD, providing a barely there buzz- minus alcohol- for hangover free fun. Search ahead online and you might find deals on designer flower, or try your local 420 club.

2. For the High Achiever:

Guild Extracts High Potency 510 Series Cart / Eel River Live Sauce Cart or Chemistry Cart + Vape Kit [pod/cart + device*]

*CCell,PAX Era or Hanu Stone – depending on stock by run date

Far from retired and still a man looking for deals around Berkeley (maybe?), this dude insists on attempting to stay hip. He’s down with single origin coffee, nutraceuticals, and the latest trends, whether related to vaporizers or bitcoin. He’ll appreciate the high quality hardware and modern design of this vape, plus the full and flavorful rips of the single origin sauce/oil. No artificial terpenes, no fillers, no nonsense.

3. For the Green Thumb:


If you have been brag-worthy gardening and landscaping skills we challenge you with the gift of cannabis clones. These ready-to-pot baby plants are truly the easiest, most affordable, and completely legal way to start to #growyourown cannabis at home. All you need is landlord approval and every adult in California is allowed up to six plants per person, so you can mix up your genetics in hopes of hitting the terp lottery. Call your local weed store for strain availability.

4. For the Dabber:

Puffco Peak

If you are a dabber, you’re probably no amateur. You know about solventless hash rosin and terp diamonds in sauce and deserve to be treated like a king. You probably should try the Puffco Peak. This smartrig is wireless and charges with micro-usb, so you may take it anywhere that you dare. An investment at near $400 and not for novices, but the Peak is the best unit for camping trips, tailgates and outdoor adventure that we’ve found.

5. For the CannAthlete:

Mary’s Medicinals THCa +/or CBD Patche(s) and OM Edibles Athletic Epsom Salt

Cannabis topicals are miracle workers for reducing muscle pain, soreness & inflammation and they don’t get you high. So no matter what level of comfortability your dude has with pot, you can gift him a non-psychoactive balm or soak for his post or pre-workout self care.  Whether your dad is a shredding cyclist, surfer, crossfit junkie, or other, if he’s active, he’s likely got aches & pains, and will appreciate you looking out. Now that medical and recreational marijuana (mmj) clinics have evolved to retail stores, the local dispensary is a new cool place to score a unique gift.

Once again, welcome to Eco Cannabis: Your THC Dispensary Smoke Shop Cannabis Club & Weed Store Proudly Serving Walnut Creek, Orinda and Lafayette.

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