Best of the Cannabis Books

The amount there is to learn about cannabis is overwhelming, and there’s still so much we don’t know about it! A great way to get caught up is to spend time with a book about cannabis. From the industry and legalization to growing your own and the nuances of modern cannabis culture, these are our top 8 picks for the best cannabis books to get you up to speed on all things green.

8 Best Books About Cannabis

The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer

Best Cannabis Books Jack Herer

Yup, that Jack Herer. The namesake of the beloved strain spent twelve years writing this book, which profiles cannabis and its numerous uses both as hemp and as a drug. The title points to the nonsense of prohibition, and since it was published in in 1985, it’s taken over three decades for the emperor to start collecting his garments.

The Cannabis Manifesto by Steve DeAngelo

Best Cannabis Books The Cannabis Manifesto

This book offers cannabis as “A New Paradigm for Wellness,” answering essential questions about the plant in regard to its biological, mental, and spiritual effects on human beings as well as examining the legal and social justice aspects of cannabis in regard to prohibition. Its author is the owner of the largest medical cannabis dispensary in the world, Harborside Health Center.<

The Medical Marijuana Guide by Patricia C. Frye, MD

After retiring from medicine, Dr. Frye dove into the emerging world of medical cannabis and shares her knowledge in this phenomenal book. She uses touching and funny stories of her experiences to provide invaluable information about the medicinal qualities of cannabis.

Weed the People by Bruce Barcott

With the expanding legalization of cannabis, we’ve got a whole new world of changes and questions on our hands. Some are serious, like the cultural realignments, social adjustments, and financial adjustments that are taking place within society; and others are less so, such as: “Is one expected to offer a neighborly toke? If so, how?” and, “Is it cool to bring cannabis to a Super Bowl party?”

How to Smoke Pot by David Bienenstock

It’s time to address an important question, “So now that the squares at long last seem ready to rethink pot’s place in polite society, how, exactly, can members of this vibrant, innovative, life-affirming culture proudly and properly emerge from the underground—without forgetting our roots, or losing our cool?” Dig into the culture of cannabis and learn all about the plant’s powers from a VICE weed columnist and former High Times editor.

Feminist Weed Farmer by Madrone Stewart

With this read, you’ll learn about “Growing Mindful Medicine in Your Own Backyard.” This book is a great how-to for learning how to grow backyard plants, from selecting seeds to harvesting and processing, using heart, humor, and plain old experience to bring her points home. Definitely one of the best cannabis books for new growers.

Too High to Fail by Doug Fine

Cannabis has the power to change the shape of our country – culturally, politically, and economically – and this book tackles just how. Using unique approaches, like the perspective from a Mendocino County cannabis grower, and following a plant from seed to patient in the first American county to fully legalize and regulate cannabis farming, Too High promises to be a wild ride that includes college tuitions paid with cash, cannabis-friendly sheriffs, and access to the world of the emerging legitimate, tax-paying “ganjapreneur.”

Breaking the Grass Ceiling by Ashley Picillo

This is another industry-focused cannabis book, featuring accounts from 21 women who are working to build the industry into one with no ceiling at all. Their diverse experiences show what happens when women persevere, battling old schools of thought in their quest for equality, respect, and a voice at the top. Watch out for falling glass.

We hope you’ve enjoyed becoming acquainted with some of the best books about cannabis and that we’ve made your reading list far too long. If you’re looking for some more good reads or even cannabis cookbooks, stop by Eco Cannabis in Oakland for great cannabis and cannabis-related products!

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