Final Rules Released: The New California Cannabis Laws

If like us, you regularly refresh your news feed to catch up on the latest cannabis news, this has been a very active year already. On January 16th, the state released its final (probably not actually final) iteration of California cannabis laws. There’s a lot to chew on—yes, that an edibles reference—for consumers, dispensaries, and manufacturers. So without dawdling further, let’s dive into what the new California cannabis laws actually mean.


One longstanding complaint about the legal cannabis market is that high state and local taxes add as much as 40% to the sales price of legal cannabis. The new California cannabis laws don’t address this—only the state legislature can levy taxes.

That said, the overwhelmingly Democratic legislature is expected to take up the issue this year, which could foreshadow those taxes decreasing. Already, some municipalities—including our own beloved Oakland—are competing to attract cannabis entrepreneurs.

…But Some for Dispensary and Cannabussiness Owners

Dispensaries aren’t any likelier than consumers to get tax breaks this year, but after a topsy-turvy 2018, the stability promised by the new California cannabis laws should drive more dispensary and cannabusiness openings and launches. Behind the scenes, the forecast of greater certainty in the industry will lead to greater investment, which in turn will mean more innovative products and choices for you.

One Way or Anther, Plastic Packaging Is Here to Stay

One of the most obvious points of friction in this industry has nothing to do with taxes and everything to do with packaging. As you’re no doubt well aware, state law currently mandates that all cannabis products must be placed into a child-resistant “exit bag” before it leaves the dispensary.

As you’re also no doubt aware, these bags tend to accumulate like tumbleweeds around dispensaries’ front doors. It’s a classic case of caution causing calamitous consequences.

But starting next year, all wholesale cannabis products will arrive at dispensaries already wrapped in child-resistant packaging. Of course, that won’t eliminate the issue of tons of potentially ocean-clogging plastic bags, but ideally, it will at least reduce the number of such containers. If you want to be a tad more eco-conscious on the issue, remember to bring the exit bag from your last purchase back to the dispensary when you visit again.

Keep It Secret; Keep It Safe

No, we’re not talking about your stash (though that’s a good rule of thumb here, too). No, we’re talking about the new California cannabis laws’ provisions for better data privacy. Now, dispensaries won’t be required to record your name for every purchase (though they may still elect to do so). Of course, dispensary employees will still ensure that you’re of legal age (unchanged at 21 and over) and enforce maximum purchase-per-day limits (also unchanged at one ounce per customer). Plus, if you take part in a dispensary loyalty program, you’ll need to provide some identifying information to receive your points.

Door to Door

Finally, it appears that cannabis delivery is here to stay. Now all Californians of legal age can access cannabis through delivery services, even in localities that don’t currently permit brick-and-mortar dispensaries to operate. This will help make cannabis more accessible, especially to patients.

Wrapping Up

Earlier, we suggested that these “final” rules may not be quite so final. That’s because rulings such as these frequently come under legal challenge from various parties, or are modified by the California Office of Administrative Law, the entity that drafts these statutes in the first place. Be sure to check in with us to learn more!

At ECO Cannabis, we enjoy learning about all things cannabis—from how it can be incorporated into your wellness routine to current regulations. And we love to share that information! Stop by our Oakland Dispensary and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

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