For the Cannaseur: Keeping a Cannabis Journal

Ah, cannabis. Such a complex and fascinating creature. The variation from strain to strain is enough to write about, and indeed many have mused. But have you ever considered writing about cannabis on your own? No need to sign up for night classes, we’re simply talking about helpful notes-to-self so you become the cannasseur you always knew you could be.

Keeping a cannabis journal will allow you to clarify your opinions and tastes, which is helpful as new cannabis experiences can often be (aptly) hazy upon future reflection. With your cannabis journal you’ll be able to check back for details that inform future fun, getting your highs to the most enjoyable elevation possible. And an older version of you may enjoy looking back to see how things have changed over the years.

In addition, those using medical cannabis can better track how certain strains affect their symptoms and dial in their perfect dose .

Here’s more about why and how to keep a cannabis journal.

To Enjoy Better Smoking, and…

As mentioned above, cannabis is no simple plant. Between cannabinoid ratios, terpenes, flavonoids, and all of the other beautiful details that make each bud her own – there’s a lot to keep track of. And we’re not even talking about the products that you love! Keeping a cannabis journal will help you sort out the plethora of options in this glorious legal market.

  • Relive Strains and Products You Love: Remember that edible that made you totally blissed out after that awful day a few months ago? (It was probably a cookie, but may have been a chocolate, I’m pretty sure it had green on the label??) Next time, you’ll know where you struck gold.
  • Avoid Strains and Products You Hate: You usually love sativas, but there’s that one strain that makes you just frizz out…but was it Jack the Ripper or Jack Herer? Noting cannabis experiences that aren’t worth repeating will ensure that you don’t.
  • Compare Variations: Cannabis strains, or even products, aren’t always the same. It’s handy to be able to check back when you feel like last time’s adventure with the canna-purchase in question was different than this one.

To Enjoy Smoking, Better.

But the cannabis ingredients involved in a stoney experience is only part of the story. What you do with your time with it is key. It’s tempting to smoke up and tune out, scrolling on your phone whilst noshing on whatever’s around – but you can do better. (You know, unless you have stuff you want to look at and whatever’s around is delicious.)

  • Keep an Adventure Log: When the right activity meets the right canna-purchase, magic happens. Whether you’re aiding a relaxation massage/bath combo afternoon with a indica tincture and an infused bath bomb, or taking your new favorite sativa cartridge to the club; you’ll be able to recount and repeat (or adjust) as desired.
  • Be Mindful of Canna Use: This counts both in regard to using your journal for getting intentional about how you’re spending your time, as well as how much cannabis you’re using and what kind of patterns you have around use. The last two are useful for maintaining balance as well as for planning shopping needs.
  • Cannabis for Wellness Issues: Even people who use cannabis recreationally often also benefit medically from their cannabis use. If you run into something that’s great for occasional headaches, stomach issues, or other common problems; it’s great to have the information for the future. And, of course, this is invaluable for medical cannabis users!
  • Out-of-Town Cannabis Fun: When visiting a new-to-you legal mecca, there can be a lot to keep track of and the tasks at hand aren’t likely to help you remember the details. Keeping a cannabis journal will help you remember dispensaries, products, and brands that you love.

Doing Your Cannabis Journal Right

You could just grab a notebook and have at it, but it also might be helpful to think about what you’d like your cannabis journal to contain. First, get clear on why you’re starting your journal. If you want to have a list of all of the strains you’ve tried this year, also think about including things like which brands, where you bought it, and how close to phenotype you’d rate it. Here are a few more tips.

  • Choose the Right Journal: What kind of journal do you want? Do you want room to draw in it and get creative, or would you prefer just lines? Will you be likely to keep a physical journal on you, or would an electronic version be more practical?
  • Make It Yours: Do you. If you’re highest concern is to find the best munchie that’s ever existed, or the purplest bud you’ve ever seen, document your mission — no one’s judging here. Include details that matter to you, sans regard for anyone’s thoughts but future-you.
  • And Make it a Habit: Like they say, consistency is key. Your cannabis journal will be most useful if consistently log experiences. For medical and/or daily users, this might mean an entry reflecting on the day or week, and every session for more sporadic users.

You can find everything you need to get started at ECO Cannabis, from an ideal journal to amazing strains and cannabis products!

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