Cannabis Operators Are An Essential Business During COVID-19.

Why Cannabis Is An Essential Business During COVID-19.

We are now locked inside for… a while. So, what are the essentials? Groceries, prescription drugs, gas, urgent medical care, and weed. This list is what’s necessary for the health and safety of us all during this time. It may be surprising to include cannabis, but right now, legal dispensaries like ECO Cannabis are the only safe places where people can access cannabis.

Cannabis Operators Are Essential During COVID-19

During this time, health is the priority. However, a pandemic like this increases the symptoms of anxiety and PTSD in many. There are millions of registered medicinal cannabis patients and millions more who consume cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Since shelter-in-place began, people are buying 25% more cannabis products than usual. Without cannabis dispensaries remaining open, the only other alternative is a market of unlicensed sellers.

California has 1,100 licensed stores. Initially, San Francisco and Denver planned to shut down dispensaries. This changed in San Francisco after civic engagement and advocacy. One dispensary in Colorado decided to close its doors until further notice. They cited the lack of available testing for COVID-19, not wanting to add to the risks of transmission until more prevention was in place. Massachusetts has banned recreational sales, but medicinal remains. Nevada only offers delivery to avoid in-person contact or convening. Michigan allows curbside or delivery only. In California, most major metropolises (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley) are still in full service.

The debate: whether or not cannabis is essential.

Cannabis Operators Are An Essential Business: the best 420 medical recreational marijuana dispensary smoke head shop, local weed store and online pot club clinic featuring mmj, thc and cbd edibles, vape, tinctures and pre roll for sale on our menu listing prices and delivery deals near Berkeley, Piedmont or Albany, late!

It boils down to choosing the lesser of two evils: deny patients and consumers medicine, or place cannabis workers at risk. This is an unprecedented situation that is constantly changing.

Legal dispensaries like ECO are the only safe places where people can access cannabis.

 We’ve remained open and are taking steps to make sure our employees and guests are safe. All of our employees are wearing gloves and limiting person-to-person contact wherever we can. We also offer self-service kiosks and now delivery! Cannabis is an Essential Industry!

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