Cannabis Operators Are An Essential Business During COVID-19.

Why Cannabis Is An Essential Business During COVID-19.

We are now locked inside for… a while.Cannabis-Operators-Essential-Business So, what are the essentials? Groceries, prescription drugs, gas, urgent medical care, and weed. This list is what’s necessary for the health and safety of us all during this time. It may be surprising to include cannabis, but right now, legal dispensaries like ECO Cannabis are the only safe places where people can access cannabis.

Cannabis Operators Are Essential During COVID-19

During this time, health is the priority. However, a pandemic like this increases the symptoms of anxiety and PTSD in many. There are millions of registered medicinal cannabis patients and millions more who consume cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Since shelter-in-place began, people are buying 25% more cannabis products than usual. Without cannabis dispensaries remaining open, the only other alternative is a market of unlicensed sellers. 

California has 1,100 licensed stores. Initially, San Francisco and Denver planned to shut down dispensaries. This changed in San Francisco after civic engagement and advocacy. One dispensary in Colorado decided to close its doors until further notice. They cited the lack of available testing for COVID-19, not wanting to add to the risks of transmission until more prevention was in place. Massachusetts has banned recreational sales, but medicinal remains. Nevada only offers delivery to avoid in-person contact or convening. Michigan allows curbside or delivery only. In California, most major metropolises (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley) are still in full service.

The debate: whether or not cannabis is essential.

It boils down to choosing the lesser of two evils: deny patients and consumers medicine, or place cannabis workers at risk. Both scenarios .

This is an unprecedented situation that is constantly changing.

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Legal dispensaries like ECO are the only safe places where people can access cannabis.

 We’ve remained open and are taking steps to make sure our employees and guests are safe. All of our employees are wearing gloves and limiting person-to-person contact wherever we can. We also offer self-service kiosks and now delivery!

Cannabis is an Essential Industry


Why Are More Older People Using Cannabis?

The rumor that more older people are using cannabis is true. That’s according to a study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence in 2018 that suggests increasing numbers of middle-aged and older adults are using cannabis.

Based on data gathered in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) from 2015 and 2016, researchers found that about 9 percent of U.S. adults between ages 50 and 64 used marijuana in the previous year and 3 percent of people over 65 used the drug in that same time period. That’s up from 2013 when the same survey reported that 7 percent of middle-aged Americans used marijuana in the previous year, and only 1.4 percent of people over 65.

And it doesn’t seem to be once or twice. Study authors found that because 5.7 percent of middle-aged respondents said they’d tried it in the past month, it’s likely they’re also a group who uses cannabis often.

Why Are Older Americans Using Cannabis?

Older Americans are using cannabis for the same reasons everyone else is: because it’s enjoyable or to self-medicate.

In regards to medical uses, another 2018 study published in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society (JAGS) found that the most common reasons were pain (64 percent), sleep (38 percent), anxiety (24 percent), depression (22 percent), and appetite stimulation (18 percent).

Why Now?

older americans using cannabis edibles

The United States is experiencing a dramatic increase in the acceptance of cannabis use. This is occurring at the same time that our elderly population is increasing. Indeed, Baby Boomers have higher rates of substance use compared to any previous generation.

And cannabis is also more available. A 2015 study using the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions showed that the prevalence of cannabis use more than doubled from 2001–02 to 2012–13.

What Are Older People Consuming?

buds on oil

The study published in JAGS found that the older American who uses cannabis seems to favor edibles (42 percent), more than smoking (29 percent). Respiratory issues associated with age may be one reason smoking is not as popular. Lotions and oils were also favorites among respondents.

Dr. Benjamin Han, an assistant professor of internal medicine at New York University School of Medicine and lead author of the study that analyzed NSDUH data, warned that baby boomers who’ve had prior experience with marijuana shouldn’t necessarily use the same amount that they did when they were young. The potency of today’s cannabis is a lot higher than in the 60s and 70s and their ability to metabolize the drug is likely different. As Han put it, “A smaller amount is going to hit you a lot harder when you’re older.”

Cannabis has a lot to offer, so it’s no surprise that as the stigma recedes, more Americans are turning to it to help them cope with a variety of ailment or for pleasure. If you’re new to cannabis, there are plenty of resources available to help you —including our skilled Experience Guides at our Oakland Dispensary. Stop by for help picking the perfect cannabis products for your goals.


The State of Law: One Year After CA Legalization

You might think that only those folks in the cannabis industry—budtenders, cannasseurs and the like—would be interested in California cannabis news.

But you’d be wrong. We’re constantly surprised—and honestly, kind of thrilled!—by the excitement and energy the subject of cannabis law generates. If the stereotype about cannabis users used to be that they were disinterested, uninvolved, or just plain couldn’t be bothered with current events, we’re happy to report that the truth is anything but.

California cannabis news

So with that in mind, let’s check in on the state of cannabis news in California one year into full legalization. And prepare yourself: It’s been one wild ride thus far!

2019 California Cannabis News

As we reported earlier this year, the state released new legal guidelines. There were no major surprises, though many consumers were disappointed to learn that the state’s stiff taxes—which account for as much as 40% of the final price of cannabis—aren’t going down anytime soon.

But we’re hoping the latest round of news should help drive prices down. In February, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration released its final revenue figures for 2018. The most populous state in the nation—and without much argument the largest and most significant market for legal cannabis—generated roughly $345 million in the first year of legalization.

Make no bones about it: That’s significant. But as recently as January 2018, then-Governor Jerry Brown had predicted a haul of $643 million, on the way to what some analysts hoped could soon reach $1 billion. What gives?

For one, there are those taxes we mentioned earlier (in addition to the state, local cities and counties often levy their own fees). In a state as large and porous as is California, some consumers simply shrugged their shoulders and turned to the black market.

For another thing, many communities that didn’t want to be associated with legal cannabis sales took the initiative to ban them in their jurisdictions. Some sources estimate as many as 75% of cities and counties did so. A harsh toke, as they say, but one not entirely unexpected in the early stages of full legalization. Expect to see that number drop as communities begin to see the value of those taxes (and admit that legalization hasn’t unleashed a flood of dead-eyed canna-zombies ravaging their streets).

California cannabis news capital

The Future of California Cannabis Law

The disappointing start aside, those tax revenue numbers should go up. Conversely, that may mean the retail of price of weed decreases as the legislature ramps down the steep levies it currently imposes.

But for that to happen, more lawmakers need to get on board. Rep. Rob Bonta, who represents the 18th Assembly District (which includes the Central East Bay) has introduced a bill to temporarily pause the cultivation tax and lower the excise tax. But his bill needs a super-majority to become law, and many lawmakers are angling to raise taxes right now, not lower them.

In short, it’s just another topsy-turvy month in California cannabis news! Keep your eyes glued to this space for regular updates, dispatches and more.

And when you feel the need to unwind, don’t forget to stop by our Oakland dispensary for some of the best cannabis products on the market!


Final Rules Released: The New California Cannabis Laws

California Cannabis Laws

If like us, you regularly refresh your news feed to catch up on the latest cannabis news, this has been a very active year already. On January 16th, the state released its final (probably not actually final) iteration of California cannabis laws. There’s a lot to chew on—yes, that an edibles reference—for consumers, dispensaries, and manufacturers. So without dawdling further, let’s dive into what the new California cannabis laws actually mean.

No (Tax) Relief for Consumers…

One longstanding complaint about the legal cannabis market is that high state and local taxes add as much as 40% to the sales price of legal cannabis. The new California cannabis laws don’t address this—only the state legislature can levy taxes.

That said, the overwhelmingly Democratic legislature is expected to take up the issue this year, which could foreshadow those taxes decreasing. Already, some municipalities—including our own beloved Oakland—are competing to attract cannabis entrepreneurs.

…But Some for Dispensary and Cannabussiness Owners

California Cannabis Laws dispensary open sign

Dispensaries aren’t any likelier than consumers to get tax breaks this year, but after a topsy-turvy 2018, the stability promised by the new California cannabis laws should drive more dispensary and cannabusiness openings and launches. Behind the scenes, the forecast of greater certainty in the industry will lead to greater investment, which in turn will mean more innovative products and choices for you.

One Way or Anther, Plastic Packaging Is Here to Stay

One of the most obvious points of friction in this industry has nothing to do with taxes and everything to do with packaging. As you’re no doubt well aware, state law currently mandates that all cannabis products must be placed into a child-resistant “exit bag” before it leaves the dispensary.

As you’re also no doubt aware, these bags tend to accumulate like tumbleweeds around dispensaries’ front doors. It’s a classic case of caution causing calamitous consequences.

But starting next year, all wholesale cannabis products will arrive at dispensaries already wrapped in child-resistant packaging. Of course, that won’t eliminate the issue of tons of potentially ocean-clogging plastic bags, but ideally, it will at least reduce the number of such containers. If you want to be a tad more eco-conscious on the issue, remember to bring the exit bag from your last purchase back to the dispensary when you visit again.

Keep It Secret; Keep It Safe

California Cannabis Laws cannabis in shopping cart

No, we’re not talking about your stash (though that’s a good rule of thumb here, too). No, we’re talking about the new California cannabis laws’ provisions for better data privacy. Now, dispensaries won’t be required to record your name for every purchase (though they may still elect to do so). Of course, dispensary employees will still ensure that you’re of legal age (unchanged at 21 and over) and enforce maximum purchase-per-day limits (also unchanged at one ounce per customer). Plus, if you take part in a dispensary loyalty program, you’ll need to provide some identifying information to receive your points.

Door to Door

Finally, it appears that cannabis delivery is here to stay. Now all Californians of legal age can access cannabis through delivery services, even in localities that don’t currently permit brick-and-mortar dispensaries to operate. This will help make cannabis more accessible, especially to patients.

Wrapping Up

Earlier, we suggested that these “final” rules may not be quite so final. That’s because rulings such as these frequently come under legal challenge from various parties, or are modified by the California Office of Administrative Law, the entity that drafts these statutes in the first place. Be sure to check in with us to learn more!

At ECO Cannabis, we enjoy learning about all things cannabis—from how it can be incorporated into your wellness routine to current regulations. And we love to share that information! Stop by our Oakland Dispensary and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.


ECO Cannabis: New Oakland Dispensary Now Open!

ECO Cannabis, the producer of some of the Bay Area’s most popular premium, sustainably grown cannabis flower, is proud and excited to announce the grand opening of its Oakland dispensary. Located in Uptown Oakland, CA, the spa-like dispensary is intended to provide a seamless, inspiring, and captivating customer experience.

Cannabis consumers in the Oakland area (including San Francisco, Berkeley, Piedmont, Temescal, and Uptown Oakland) now have a dispensary geared towards those who want to incorporate cannabis into their wellness routine and lifestyle. In addition to ECO’s own premium flower, customers will find a wide variety of other products, including a carefully curated selection of extracts, tinctures, topicals, and edibles that meet the high standards of the ECO Cannabis team.

ECO Cannabis New Oakland Dispensary Now Open

Visitors will also find a number of unusual lifestyle products designed for both the cannaisseur and the canna-curious: Infusion devices, cannabis-centric cookbooks, and more.

What makes ECO truly unique is the way they have expedited the purchasing process though express-style online orders and a self-service in-store check-out option, allowing customers to avoid long lines while still ensuring excellent customer service.

This balance is achieved through the use of ECO’s highly trained “Experience Guides.” Each “Experience Guide” is assigned a customer for a personalized in-store consultation with every visit. This one-on-one staff interaction ensures that every customer gets exactly what they came in for, whether it be a sleep-aid, pain, and inflammation relief, or just something to help them relax at the end of a tough day.

In addition to elevating the cannabis buying experience, ECO Cannabis is dedicated to neighborhood beautification programs and employing individuals with previous cannabis convictions; ECO’s impact extends well beyond its doors. They have also supported 8 different equity businesses by providing them with free rent at their campus for a 3-year period, thus allowing them to get set up for success.

According to Bronwyn Kopacek, Chief Marketing Officer:

“We are excited for what this new space means for those local to Oakland and the Bay Area, adding to the fabric of this vibrant city; in the opportune jobs that we have created for those with prior cannabis convictions, the impact of the Oakland Equity Program and also through the wellness products we offer. Our mission at ECO is to become the social equity standard for the cannabis industry.”

ECO Cannabis has built a reputation in the Bay Area for offering the finest cannabis flower. Now consumers will be able to partake in a very unique and forward-looking brand-offering in the heart of Uptown Oakland.

ECO Cannabis Products

ECO Cannabis New Oakland Dispensary Now Open - ECO Cannabis Products

ECO is proud of its premium cannabis flower, grown in 100% organic soil and already highly regarded around the Bay Area. In addition, our selection of premium concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, and topicals are sourced from local growers and producers who are both passionate about their products and share our values.

ECO Cannabis: Oakland, CA, Cannabis Dispensary Location Details

ECO Cannabis is located at:

2435 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, CA 94612

Phone: (510) 338-3001

The new ECO Cannabis Oakland dispensary is located in Uptown Oakland near the intersection of Telegraph and W. Grand Avenues. It’s convenient to the heart of Oakland, Berkeley, and the surrounding areas. Its free parking makes it especially handy for those coming from the CA-24 / I-980 / I-580 corridors.

The neighborhood is a dense pedestrian area, offering a bounty of local amenities: Vibrant Jamaican restaurant Kingston 11, trendy Telegraph bar and grille, and dosa by DOSA, a stylish purveyor of Indian street snacks.

For directions from San Francisco or the East Bay, visit our Oakland location page. For personalized directions, visit Google Maps.