Higher Consciousness: Meditating with Cannabis

Saying cannabis can affect your train of thought is like saying water is hydrating — it’s kind of the point. Cannabis can release your mind from spinning around the day’s events and worries and help you to appreciate your surroundings or ponder the mysteries of the universe. Though it’s powerful for the whole body, getting high is largely a cerebral experience, a ride of the mind.

Meditation is a ride of the mind as well. There are many goals of meditation, but a big one is to create awareness in regard to the contents and activity of your mind, succinctly described as mindfulness. Our thoughts direct more of our experience than most of us realize, often emphasizing negative emotions and focusing on unhelpful topics. Meditation is a superb wellness tool for getting a handle on how you’re using your mind, and learning how to do it in a more productive and enjoyable way. And meditating while high? That can be an even more sublime experience.

Getting Intentional by Setting the Scene

First, set the scene. Control elements with potential to distract: turn your cell phone off, ensure your clothes and seating are comfortable, and try to make sure you won’t be interrupted by other people. Then decide if you’d like any music or sounds, which is as simple as searching for ‘meditation music’ on your phone or computer. Headphones are helpful in regard to staying distraction-free.

Use a strain or product that makes you feel focused and relaxed, and make sure you have a balanced amount. Erring on the side of having ‘too little’ is wise as an extremely high mind can be about as easy to direct as the weather.

Sit with your back straight and shoulders loose. Then get your favorite piece and light ‘er up – being mindful of the taste and smell, as well as the sensation of the smoke (or vapor) leaving your mouth and nostrils.

Find Your Zen: Meditating While High

Once you’re properly elevated, it’s time to find your zen. Meditation can have profound impacts on the way you experience your mind and life, but the actual how-to is very simple:

First, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Take a deep breath in, paying careful attention to the feeling of your lungs expanding, and release the breath with the intention of letting your thoughts out with it. Continue to focus on your breath as you return to regularly paced breathing. When you have a thought, disregard it without judgment or analysis; returning attention to the sensations of your breath moving through your body. Repeat for a few minutes or longer, working up duration over time.

You can also try walking meditation while high. Take a few deep breaths while standing, then very slowly walk forward; feeling every sensation the movement makes in your body. Feel how the ground touches your foot, the pressure from the weight shifting, any discomfort your body feels – put awareness into every iota of movement. (This practice can also be done with routine tasks like doing the dishes or gardening!)

A meditation practice is most powerful when done daily, but a daily cannabis practice is definitely not a fit for many people – so be mindful to keep balance in this regard.

Let it Work its Magic

Though your experience of meditation while high will probably last less than an hour, it is something that you can carry into your daily life. As you’re going about your day, try to keep an awareness of the activities taking place in your mind, tossing aside unhelpful thought patterns when you catch them.

Be sure to take care not to judge yourself for thoughts that you observe when meditating while high, as well as when bringing this awareness into your everyday reality. Know that our minds are instinctive tools that are simply looking out for us — the being who is able to observe their mind’s thoughts and alter them at will. You are not defined by what bubbles up from your consciousness, you are defined by what you decide to keep. Happy meditating!

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