Terpene Profiles: Geraniol, a Floral Anti-Bacterial Powerhouse from Cannabis

If you’ve visited our beautiful Oakland dispensary, you’re probably well aware that we’re big on the subject of terpenes, those fragrant hydrocarbons—or “essential oils”—that give cannabis strains their distinctive and characteristic flavors and aromas.

What’s the big deal? For one, we think that describing a cannabis plant’s terpene makeup is a fantastic way to determine its attributes — one that ultimately provides the end user (that’s you) with more descriptive and actionable information.

Geraniol geraniums and vials

Plus, terpenes contribute a lot more than odors and flavors. Although practitioners of “folk medicine” have known it for thousands of years, terpenes elicit specific responses in our bodies. The linalool in lavender has been used as a natural stress-reducer for eons; eucalyptol has eased respiratory symptoms since we humans first inhaled its cooling, menthol aroma.

Terpenes occur everywhere in the natural world, giving many plants and other beings their characteristic odors and flavors. But today we’re going to focus in on a single terpene—geraniol—and the qualities it gives our favorite all-natural product: The cannabis plant!

What Does Geraniol Do For Us?

As you might have guessed, geraniol is commonly associated with the geranium flower and its distinctive, delicate scent, which some describe as a cross between roses and fresh green leaves. It’s also found in the tobacco plant and in lemons (geraniol sometimes goes by “lemonol,” not to be confused with limonene.

Whatever you call it, one of this terpene’s primary uses is as an all-natural repellent for insects and certain parasites. But inside our bodies, research suggests that geraniol helps fight Candida, a fungus responsible for yeast infections and thrush.

But there’s more. According to one study, geraniol can also help fight some truly nasty intestinal bugs, including Campylobacter, E. coli, and Salmonella. This is potentially a huge deal, as these food-borne bacteria can cause very serious illness or even death. In our book, any all-natural remedy that helps boost our resistance to these pathogens is worth investing more research and study in.

Other studies point to powerful anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant and even anti-tumor effects, suggesting that there’s much more to learn about this lovely and floral terpene.

A note of caution: Be aware that high levels of geraniol in topicals like skin creams are associated with skin irritation for some users; research thoroughly before using any such products that may have a high concentration of this terpene.

geraniol anti-inflammatory

How to Get Geraniol from Cannabis

Geraniol is considered one of the “primary terpenes,” so it’s reasonably common in many cannabis strains.

When you stop by our Oakland dispensary, our Experience Guides can help you find the perfect strain or cannabis product to help you achieve your desired effects. Let your guide know that you’re looking for cannabis strains high in geraniol or which have inflammatory effects and she’ll point you in the right direction!

Already know what you want? Our online dispensary menu makes ordering easy! Quickly find your desired product , then swing by our Oakland dispensary to pick it up!


ECO Cannabis: New Oakland Dispensary Now Open!

ECO Cannabis, the producer of some of the Bay Area’s most popular premium, sustainably grown cannabis flower, is proud and excited to announce the grand opening of its Oakland dispensary. Located in Uptown Oakland, CA, the spa-like dispensary is intended to provide a seamless, inspiring, and captivating customer experience.

Cannabis consumers in the Oakland area (including San Francisco, Berkeley, Piedmont, Temescal, and Uptown Oakland) now have a dispensary geared towards those who want to incorporate cannabis into their wellness routine and lifestyle. In addition to ECO’s own premium flower, customers will find a wide variety of other products, including a carefully curated selection of extracts, tinctures, topicals, and edibles that meet the high standards of the ECO Cannabis team.

ECO Cannabis New Oakland Dispensary Now Open

Visitors will also find a number of unusual lifestyle products designed for both the cannaisseur and the canna-curious: Infusion devices, cannabis-centric cookbooks, and more.

What makes ECO truly unique is the way they have expedited the purchasing process though express-style online orders and a self-service in-store check-out option, allowing customers to avoid long lines while still ensuring excellent customer service.

This balance is achieved through the use of ECO’s highly trained “Experience Guides.” Each “Experience Guide” is assigned a customer for a personalized in-store consultation with every visit. This one-on-one staff interaction ensures that every customer gets exactly what they came in for, whether it be a sleep-aid, pain, and inflammation relief, or just something to help them relax at the end of a tough day.

In addition to elevating the cannabis buying experience, ECO Cannabis is dedicated to neighborhood beautification programs and employing individuals with previous cannabis convictions; ECO’s impact extends well beyond its doors. They have also supported 8 different equity businesses by providing them with free rent at their campus for a 3-year period, thus allowing them to get set up for success.

According to Bronwyn Kopacek, Chief Marketing Officer:

“We are excited for what this new space means for those local to Oakland and the Bay Area, adding to the fabric of this vibrant city; in the opportune jobs that we have created for those with prior cannabis convictions, the impact of the Oakland Equity Program and also through the wellness products we offer. Our mission at ECO is to become the social equity standard for the cannabis industry.”

ECO Cannabis has built a reputation in the Bay Area for offering the finest cannabis flower. Now consumers will be able to partake in a very unique and forward-looking brand-offering in the heart of Uptown Oakland.

ECO Cannabis Products

ECO Cannabis New Oakland Dispensary Now Open - ECO Cannabis Products

ECO is proud of its premium cannabis flower, grown in 100% organic soil and already highly regarded around the Bay Area. In addition, our selection of premium concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, and topicals are sourced from local growers and producers who are both passionate about their products and share our values.

ECO Cannabis: Oakland, CA, Cannabis Dispensary Location Details

ECO Cannabis is located at:

2435 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, CA 94612

Phone: (510) 338-3001

The new ECO Cannabis Oakland dispensary is located in Uptown Oakland near the intersection of Telegraph and W. Grand Avenues. It’s convenient to the heart of Oakland, Berkeley, and the surrounding areas. Its free parking makes it especially handy for those coming from the CA-24 / I-980 / I-580 corridors.

The neighborhood is a dense pedestrian area, offering a bounty of local amenities: Vibrant Jamaican restaurant Kingston 11, trendy Telegraph bar and grille, and dosa by DOSA, a stylish purveyor of Indian street snacks.

For directions from San Francisco or the East Bay, visit our Oakland location page. For personalized directions, visit Google Maps.