Terpene Profiles: Pinene

Have you ever wondered why different strains of cannabis possess their own unique aromas and flavors? The answer lies in chemical compounds present within cannabis known as terpenes. While most cannabis users are familiar with two popular components that lend cannabis many incredible attributes, THC and CBD, terpenes are just as important to the full experience of a cannabis strain. One terpene in particular that cannabis users may encounter often without realizing it is pinene, a natural and fragrant aromatic compound.

What is Pinene?

First, it is important to understand that terpenes can be found in many other plants and organic materials than merely cannabis. Terpenes are compounds that comprise the “essence” of the plant matter we are already familiar with. Pinene, true to its name, often evokes the sensation of pine trees and can be found within many common herbs and spices, including basil, rosemary, and parsley.

Often, when you encounter a cannabis strain marketed as earthy or pine-scented, the grower has taken care to express larger amounts of pinene in that strain. Manipulating the amount, type and quality of terpenes within a strain of cannabis can greatly influence its properties.

Attributes of Pinene

Pinene is known for infusing cannabis with an herbal quality and taste reminiscent of the gum of a pine tree. Often, growers express pinene in medical-oriented strains intended to uplift one’s mood and provide an alert, creative headspace.

Terpenes not only imbue cannabis with physical qualities but also assist in producing the effects that each individual strain is known for. Likewise, multiple terpenes can be present in the same cannabis strain, creating the near-infinite variation of strains available on the market today.

Pinene, for example, has several purported health benefits, including acting as an analgesic to reduce pain and inflammation and mitigating the short-term memory loss experienced at times after ingesting cannabis.

Strains that Feature Pinene

While each strain and batch’s individual content of certain terpenes will always be variable, specific strains have been noted to contain on average more pinene than others. In general, pinene stakes its greatest claim to notoriety with sativa strains, such as the famous Jack Herer, which is known for its strong scent and sticky buds.

However, there are several hybrids and indicas known for their high presence of pinene, like Romulan, a classic indica strain famed for a powerful body high and superior somniferous effects.

Blue Dream is perhaps the most renowned of all pinene-rich strains, and best embodies its particular spirit. Known as an easy, fruity smoke, Blue Dream consistently uplifts cannabis consumers with buoyant, euphoric sensations that invite creative or social activities.

While consumers should always do their research before making a purchase, strains that feature significant amounts of pinene are, generally speaking, well-suited for sharing owing to their smooth burning bowls and qualities that lend themselves to gregariousness.

Understanding which terpenes are present in the strain you take home can drastically influence your cannabis experience. That’s why at ECO Cannabis, our Experience Guides are trained on the terpenes inherent in our products. With their help, you’ll be able to find the perfect strain to help you create the experience you crave.

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