What Do Wine And Weed Have In Common? More Than You Think.

What Do Wine And Weed Have In Common? More Than You Think.

After a long day, what’s better than a glass of wine or a joint — or BOTH. The truth is, weed and wine have more in common that most of us think. For starters, they are both relaxants, which is why we reach for them at the end of a full day. Wine contains plant compounds that affect the kind of enzymes that controls stress in the brain. Not to mention, alcohol in general has an impact on our central nervous systems. One of the effects of weed is on the hippocampus, the part of the brain that is associated with anxiety and PTSD.

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They both feature aromatic compounds from seed and plant cultivation. For weed, the flavors are largely affected by the terpenes. Terpenes are source for the unique flavor profiles of various strains of cannabis. The scent of these can be smelled and activated when you break apart cannabis flower (between your hands or in a grinder). This releases the terpenes.

The final results of both wine and weed are highly dependent on the special characteristics of plant growth. There is a concept in the wine world called “terroir.” You have heard this before. This is all about the geography, climate and geology of where it is grown. This also has to do with the sunlight, soil and water that contribute to the flavors and aromas of the wine (and cannabis too!) It’s why wine from Italy is priced differently from wine from Wyoming. Many cannabis connoisseurs believe that “terroir” applies just as much to cannabis as it does to wine.

When you break down some of the biggest contributors to wine and weed quality. They are largely the same. The quality of the final product is highly susceptible to the environment.


Soil affects how the grape ripens, and there are decades of research that delve into the science and chemistry behind what types of soil produce the best environment for the grapes to grow. The dust levels, relative wetness or dryness of the soil affect how the plant absorbs the essential nutrients. The same is true for cannabis. Cannabis cultivators each have their specific preferences of soil mixtures, potting techniques and how to arrange the plants in a room. The details and inputs are endless!


Perhaps the biggest difference between growing grapes and cannabis is that cannabis can be grown both indoor and outdoor. Whereas, grapes for wine are (for the most part) all grown outdoors. This means Mother Nature plays a big role in determining the quality of the crop.


Of course, we all know that plants need natural sunlight to grow. Is anyone else thinking back to a visit to the Science Center as children, or with children? The basics of plant growth remain the same. Both grapes and cannabis need light to grow. With indoor-grown cannabis, there are specific elements that the grower can control. It really is fascinating, and we have previously written about the differences between indoor vs outdoor grown cannabis.

As a society, weed and wine have been around for millennia. Both alcohol and cannabis also had eras of acceptance and prohibition. Perhaps the most common thing between weed and wine is that consumers begin to shop and consume specific strains of cannabis plant, or specific types of grape, because of a taste preference. Do you like bold flavors? You’re likely into Cab’s. Do you like a lot of gas in your weed? You probably like the OG strain(s). Whichever one you reach for more, and for whatever reason, it is a really wonderful thing to have options for relief and relaxation. Of course, we’re a little biased towards weed, but we’re glad you have the choice.

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